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By: Dawn Graham

Degree vs. Experience?

March 7, 2017

Posted In: Career / Exploration & Planning / Resumes & Cover Letters

“Is a degree or real-world experience more important?” In a job search, it’s the age-old question, and a battle job seekers can’t seem to win. After completing a degree, Hiring Managers […]

By: Dawn Graham

Job Search Strategies that Changed (while you weren’t looking!)

January 28, 2017

Posted In: Career / Exploration & Planning / Resumes & Cover Letters

It’s 2017 and there are many positive career predictions to look forward to this year: the candidate experience will improve (finally!), more people will take advantage of the “gig” economy, performance […]

By: Dawn Graham

Quick Trick to a Results-Oriented Resume

October 25, 2016

Posted In: Career / Resumes & Cover Letters

A client who hadn’t been in a job search for a while recently asked me, “What is the one thing my resume must have to be noticed?” My response, “It […]

By: Dawn Graham

The 11 Worst Pieces of Job Search Advice

June 10, 2016

Posted In: Career / Networking, Branding & Social Media / Resumes & Cover Letters

People love to give advice and let’s face it – when we’re facing a tough decision (such as a job search), we love to ask for it.  Following someone else’s […]

By: Dawn Graham

7 Strategies for Conquering Impostor Syndrome

July 30, 2015

Posted In: Career / Resumes & Cover Letters

If you’re a go-getter who thrives on challenge, there will be times in your career where you might feel a bit out of your league. Even if just for fleeting […]

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