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By: Dawn Graham

Don’t Apply Online: CREATE the Perfect Job Instead!

December 4, 2017

Posted In: Career / Exploration & Planning / Negotiating

Kristin, a former client, was offered an interview at a company she’d had her eye on. The problem – from the job description, the role looked like a lower level […]

By: Dawn Graham

A Smart Way to Get Hired (that few are doing!)

November 27, 2017

Posted In: Career / Exploration & Planning / Negotiating

Ever wonder how some people land those awesome jobs when you’ve never even seen them posted?  Temp-to-hire! Over 1 in 3 temporary employees are offered a permanent job by the […]

By: Dawn Graham

Optimize Your Annual Review!

November 7, 2017

Posted In: Career / Negotiating

Performance appraisals emerged during Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management movement in the early 20th century. Despite 100 years, we haven’t made much progress. 60% of employees feel performance reviews are a […]

By: Dawn Graham

When Your Boss Says “No” to a Raise

September 5, 2017

Posted In: Career / Negotiating

If you’re among the 43% who’ve mustered the courage to ask for a raise, there’s a 75% chance you received some type of bump according to a Payscale survey* of […]

By: Dawn Graham

Should I Disclose My Pregnancy in an Interview?

August 26, 2017

Posted In: Career / Interviewing / Negotiating

For every story of a woman who shares her pregnancy and gets passed over, another woman proclaims she disclosed and got hired. It’s a risk. While the laws are designed […]

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