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Don’t settle . . . SUCCEED in the right career! Are you stuck in an unsatisfying job? In the wrong profession? An industry that just isn’t a fit? Get unstuck! Land a new career—one you’re genuinely passionate about. Switchers can help you realize that dream.

Listen in as I talk about my book and share proven strategies that will get you where you want to go.

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Are You Prepared For This Hiring Trend?

If you think a job search may be in your future, you’ll want to know about passive hiring. Due to increasing pressure from employers to hire the best talent, recruiters are searching for candidates who are currently employed, but not actively looking. Instead of posting ads online, only to be flooded with 100’s of potentially unqualified …

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Is This The End?

While it’s not unusual to have bad days at work (and some that even lead to dreams of quitting and retiring to a sunny island), deciding to actually resign is a big deal. How can you tell if you’re just going through a tough phase in your job or if it’s time to explore new …

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Switching Careers: Bypass the Bias!

Great to be a part of LinkedIn’s new feature #YouAsked. Here is my full answer about how to successfully get in front of the decision-makers when switching careers: The good news is that the landscape of careers is changing, which is opening up many opportunities for career switchers. The not-so-great news is that hiring practices haven’t …

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My Job Switch is Killing Me!

What do the words “smooth”, “linear”, “rational” and “straightforward” have in common? NONE describes a job search. Whether voluntary or not, the process of seeking a new position is often a sandwich of frustration and ambiguity bookended by excitement and anticipation. Similar to moving to a new home, you know the process will be worth …

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Gaming the System When Networking

If the thought of an evening spent “networking” makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Despite understanding that networking is about building two-way relationships and that positive intentions (e.g., a willingness to help others) can make it feel more natural, many still struggle with motivating themselves to make meeting new contacts a part of daily life. …

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Here’s How to Know If Your Interview Went Well

I’m not sure what’s worse – the actual job interview or waiting to hear back after the interview. While there are few guarantees in the hiring game, if you pay attention during the process, there are usually signs that indicate how you are faring. When the interviewer does these things, your chances are looking good: Asking …

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Three People You Need in Your Network

I recently interviewed Carla Harris, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley on my SiriusXM radio show “Career Talk*” where she spoke about the three types of professional relationships you need to succeed. While each role overlaps in certain ways, there are also key differences that can have a major impact on your career. Advisors are those …

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Kill Your Vacation Guilt!

If you’re like many Americans, you forfeited about 50% of your eligible vacation time last year. “Vacation guilt” seems to be indigenous to the US where employees freely walk away from $66.4 billion in benefits (about $604 for the average worker). What’s worse – we have a lower vacation bank to begin with compared to many European …

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