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About Dr. Dawn?

Dr. Dawn gives proven career advice.

Don’t leave your career change up to chance. Dr. Dawn gives you the insider’s scoop on how to get hired, be promoted and earn more money in a job you LOVE. It’s time to take control of your success.

Dr. Dawn Graham

Three words. Second level contacts.

Dr. Dawn helps you stand out.

What’s the difference between succeeding or settling? Knowing how to get in front of the decision makers and then communicating your VALUE. Dr. Dawn specializes in helping career switchers re-brand their experience into marketable skills that employers want.

Dr. Dawn Graham

Don’t forget your business cards

Learn to differentiate you

In the classroom, on the radio and online, Dr. Dawn coaches some of the world’s leading business minds at Wharton, and now is available to share her expert advice with YOU. Whether you’re making a career switch, re-entering the workforce, or regrouping from a layoff, you’re in the right place to get to where you want to be!

Dr. Dawn

What would you do if you only had 6 seconds to make an impression?

What Clients Say

Best Way to Market Myself: Dawn showed me the best way to market myself to the companies that I wanted to work for. I did not have to settle for […]

Garrett E., Project Manager

Make My Job Transition as Smooth as Possible: Dawn is a highly skilled coach and career expert with sound, practical advice. Her insights and perspective have been invaluable. Her advice […]

Nicole T., Senior Officer, Planning & Evaluation

You Cannot Ask for Better Results: Dawn is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone that was looking to make a job change. I started working with in the summer […]

Dana R., Attorney

Variety of Career Changes: Dawn’s coaching has enabled me to successfully navigate a variety of career changes over the years. Her expertise provided valuable insight regarding my strengths and interests […]

Matthew R., Audit Partner

Succeed or Settle?

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